MISRI KI ROTI – (Triangle)


There Is No History To This Product Because We Dont Suppose Anyone Else In The World Makes It As A Pioneer We Developed This Product As A Premiuim Version Of The Normal Misri Ki Roti. There Is Only Present, And A Vast Future. Just Serve Some In A Glass Plate And Wait. It Does Not Just Taste Great, Its Also A Visual Delight In Itself.

  • Very Delicate & Delicious
  • Made in Pure Ghee
  • Layered with Pure Kesar
  • Unique- MANN Speciality
  • A Traditional Rajasthani Sweet Highly Rich & Ethnic Variant
  • Loaded with Dry Fruits - ALMONDS (Badam) - PISTACHIOS (Pista)
  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Fine Wheat Flour, Sugar, Pure Ghee, Saffron, Almonds, Pistachios, Sugar Crystals
  • Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion



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